April-New Horizons

These are pictures of my new space downstairs at the ACM near the historic downtown square in McKinney, TX. Moving from upstairs to downstairs took several days. My friend helped carry my packed items and arrange them, too (as time allowed). Also, I learned how to use the power drill to secure some old doors. Thanks to Ella Elaine!

March Magic-overalls and nearby Fayetteville

We visited the "charming" town square during our stay. We saw lots of overalls, and skirts and boots while there.


March Magic-Some Favorite Things

I admire the use of color and design in using "repurposed" older things. It reminds me of a friend's booth at the Antique Company Mall hereby referred to as ACM. We both feature "our favorite things" there for sale.


March Magic-Antiques Week

I recruited some "newbies" and we took a trip to a "fun", whimsical area. This is my second time to Warrenton and I missed seeing the Spanish moss in the trees. Here is a picture of two of my friends' heads on top of existing mannequins. After we took pictures, someone was saying that they usually charge $5 for the photo opportunity. However, they let us off the hook.